- Commission Me -

Upon placing your order, we will discuss what kind of artwork you would like. I can create a wide variety of looks, from captivating white on black paper to big and bold paintings.

Drawings will generally take about 2-3 weeks plus shipping time and acrylic/oil paintings will take longer depending on their size. I am UK based but the artwork can be shipped internationally. Shipping can take up to 21 days but it is usually less time. I can have busy periods so there may be a waiting list for commissions. I do take into account special occasions for commissions but as this is not always possible, please contact me in plenty of time.

Photographs of pets

·         Good quality images with lots of detail will give the best results. 

·         Close ups of the animals’ nose and eyes will be appreciated. 

·         Poor images can be worked with but the results will not be as detailed. 

·         Please take photos outside but not in harsh light. 

·         Please email me the photos if possible. They can be posted but the waiting time will not start until I have received the photos. The photos will be sent back with the finished artwork. 

·         Multiple photos would be ideal. 

·         Items like collars and harnesses can be removed in the drawings/paintings. 

Wildlife Art

·         I can paint from your photos as long as the copyright of the photo belongs to you. 

·         I have an extensive range of wildlife photos that I have taken in Africa, wildlife and bird parks that I can use as reference photos. 

·         If you like a photo which comes from a paid site, I can try to get the permission to paint the photo but this will result in an extra charge. 

·         If you have any particular wildlife scenes that you are interested in, we can discuss your preferences.


·        A  25% deposit is required to secure the order and the remainder will be required once the artwork has been completed.


Graphite pencil drawings (including P&P): A5 - £65, A4 - £125, A3 - £245

Colour pencil drawings (including P&P): A5 - £75, A4 - £145, A3 - £285

Acrylic paintings - Approx. £1.70 per Square inch + P&P

Oil Paintings - Approx. £2 per Square inch + P&P

Postage is sent by Royal Mail. Paintings will be sent with insured postage. The UK postage for paintings under £500 will be £15 and painting between £500 and £1,000 will be £50.  

Please message me for a quote for international delivery.

Contact -

I am very happy to accept commissions. I am currently offering wildlife scenes, equine and pet portraits.


Chris Polley  - "I have a commissioned painting of a Barn Owl by this very talented artist. The detail and quality of Helen's work is amazing. It's a joy to have this painting on my wall."